Color variations


Natural stones

Genuinely unique

Limestone Cream



Limestone Bianco

Stone is a natural product, created millions of years ago. It is composed of several textures, hardnesses and colors. Thus, each stone pattern is unique in its form as nature itself. Color differences, cloudiness, veins and shadows are essential characteristics that make each stone set an unique piece.

With these different densities and respective hardnesses, the surface of a stone can also appear differently. The surface of harder rock gives a shiny finish, while the finish of softer stone appears rather matt.

Whether soapstone, limestone or sandstone, the natural stones used for cladding ORANIER stoves are cut from different stone quarries. Nature ensures that no two stones are alike, making every variation a value in itself and emphasizes the special touch of each stove. It is for this reason that the exact color and structure of the stones mapped out and shown in the models are a subject to change.

The exact match of the color or decor shown here cannot be guaranteed and is therefore excluded from guarantee.


The new ceramic look – corretto, grappa, Freddo and Namib

Ceramic Corretto

Ceramic Freddo

Ceramic Grappa

Ceramic Namib

  • Each piece is unique
  • High qualitative manufacturing by multiple wipe technique in manual work
  • Large heat accumulation stone capacity due to a high amount of fireclay

Classic Ceramics

for model Bavaria

Bavaria bordeaux red

Bavaria green

Bavaria maple white

Cover plates

for the Wood stoves Mino 2.0 / Mino Trios 2.0 and Meva

Cover plate steel black

Cover plate glass

Cover plate soapstone

Cover plate sandstone

Cover plate Ceramic Bordeaux red

Cover plate Ceramic Limestone Bianco

Cover plate Ceramic Grappa