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Wood stove

For me heating is more than warmth. I want to enjoy the flames, listen to the crackle of the fire and chop my own wood. My stove works well with my interior design.

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Pellet stoves

I like it clean, easy and need a lot of comfort. I want heat at the push of a button. I want to keep the house clean and double use of energy. My stove is ready when I come home.

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Wood range cooker

Convenience is of great importance to me. I want more than just heating, cook like grandma and double use. My stove fits to my interior style.

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We are passionate for your cozyness

We have made it our job to develop products with consistent high quality and innovative solutions for today and tomorrow. All our products allow an optimized burning process meeting the latest requirements in Germany. We aim to combine efficiency with a modern, functional design.

Profiledfirebox lining

Heat accumulation stone „W+“

Automatic primary air control

24h continuous operation

Room heating capacity


JUSTUS safe-locking system

Multi-point locking system

JUSTUS Snap lock system

External combustion air supply

Airwash system


Water heat exchanger

Combustion chamber: length of logs

Air-flow handle

Wood stove

Wood stove

 Wood stoves with heat accumulation stones

A wood stove with heat storage is even more capable. After saving the heat of the combustion the stones emit it slowly into the living room. After the fire burned down, the heat storage provides continuous heat for several hours.

Wood stoves with boiler function

Wood stoves with boiler function

A wood stove with a water heat exchanger combines the fascination of fire and its pleasant warmth with the comfort and energy efficiency of modern heating technology. JUSTUS offers you wood stoves with water heat exchangers as all-in-one systems that are suited for integration into your domestic heating system.
The principle is simple: water flows through a heat exchanger, thereby diverting part of the combustion heat for further use. The water thus generated is fed to the heaters where it gives off heat before returning to the stove as cold water.

Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves are getting more and more popular. Easy and comfortable handling and the heating process electronically controlled, similar to a modern oil or gas heating system. With just one pellet tank you can get up to 100 hrs of heating performance.
One more reason for a pellet stove is its environmental friendly and low cost way of heating your home with the natural resource wood.

Pellet stoves with boiler function

The pellet stove with boiler function has established itself as a mature heating system since its market launch. Pellet stoves are single stoves for the living room. They work largely automatically, are inexpensive and allow a view of the fire.

Wood range cooker

Wood range cooker

Cooking and heating following the latest environmental criteria:
The JUSTUS wood range cookers fulfill all these requirements. It is a good feeling to know you cook and heat environmental friendly, modern and economic at the same time.
Our wood range cookers can be installed free standing or integrated into your kitchen furniture. Our JUSTUS wood range cookers fulfill all norms acc. to 2nd level of BImSchV (German regulation).
Cozyness in your house guaranteed!


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Smoke pipe accessories for wood stoves

Smoke pipe accessories for wood stoves with boiler function

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