Wood stove Texas

  • Air flow handle

Energy efficiency class A+

24h continuous operation

Airwash system


Combustion chamber: length of logs 30 cm

Air-flow handle

Soapstone ceramic

Order no.

8358 22 – Soapstone Ceramic, corpus steel black


Available design:

  • Soapstone Ceramic, corpus steel black

Standard scope of delivery:

  • Air flow handle

Technical data

Energy efficiency class A+
Connection possibility top
Nominal heat output 6,0 kW
Efficiency >80 %
Weight (incl. packaging) ca. 90 kg
Room heating capability up to 115 m³
Length of logs 30 cm
Exhaust gas mass flow 7,3 g/s
Exhaust gas temperature 296 ° C
Required discharge pressure 0,13 mbar
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